Breaking Dawn


Yes I read Breaking Dawn. I'm a major Twilight fan. =]

But even though I loved the rest of the books in the series I pretty much hated this one. With the first three, it took me a matter of 2-3 day to read them. Breaking dawn? 3 months!

I found it very predictable and very boring because of that. I mean every one knew that Bella and Edward would have a happy ending but couldn't Mrs. Meyer put a LITTLE more excitement into it?

I mean Bella turning into a vampire, having a daughter, and having an actually pretty cool power did make it interesting BUT Jacob imprinting on the daughter? I didn't like that part. I thought he should of imprinted on someone else. And his narration? Was that really necessary? I got to that part and stopped reading the book. I found it very boring.
Even though Jacob is pretty much my favorite character! (Alice being the first)

I just think that could of been a better ending to the series that completely turned me on the vampire novels/series!

This will still remain one of my top series even though I hated Breaking Dawn.

P.S. No stick or rock throwing because I spoke my mind. =]

Lexi <3


Shalonda said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am now following your blog and have added you to my blog roll!

Talk to you again soon.

Anonymous said...

ur heartless for this jk! =]

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