How To (un)Cage A Girl by Francesca Lia Block (ARC)

"The pain of wanting to fit in...
The joy of being consumed by love...
The shame of not feeling at home in your body...
The strength of feeling at home in you're body...
These are moments that ever girl knows...for they are part of growing up, of uncaging yourself from your childhood, your environment, your veiw of yourself. Francesca Lia Block follows the journey from girlhood to womanhood in this three-part poerty collection that channels girls' innermost feelings and experienses and celebrates women everywhere."
Personally I didn't like this book. It was confusing in some parts and boring in others. Its only caught my full attention about twice. In the beggining and the end. I thought the last two poems had a very good message to them. But the rest of it didn't really have a message. i don't think I will ever read this book again. <3

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I thought that some of the answers were just ENJOY!!

Your Life Story:

What song should have played when you were born? forgotten children- tokio hotel
What song should have played on your 1st day of school? pedastal- barlowgirl
What song should have played on your graduation day? diary of jane- breaking benjamin
What will be your theme song in college? another hole in the head- nickelback
What song will be played at your wedding? scream- tokio hotel
What song will be playing when your 1st child is born? LAX to o'hare- the academy is...
What song will be played on your 50th birthday? be my escape- relient k
What song will be played at your funeral? dead is the new black- ice nine kills
What will be your theme song in Heaven? of all the gin joints in the world- fall out boy
Your Dream Life:

What song will be played when you win the lottery? moan- cute is wat we aim for
What song will be played when you land your dream job? one of those nights- the cab
What will be your theme song when you rule the Middle East? its beautiful after the end- we the kings
What will be your theme song when you rule your own planet? tears dont fall (acoustic)- bullet for my valentine
What song will be played when you become President of the United States? snake devil- scary kids scaring kids
What song will you sing when you win American Idol? never say i told you so- the almost
What Song Makes You Feel:

Happy? burn- three days grace
Flirty? stay in the ground- armor for sleep
Innocent? 10 years today- bullet for my valentine
Beautiful? hit the floor- bullet for my valentine
Loved? goes without saying- scary kids scaring kids
Alive? indestructible- disturbed
Relaxed? miracle- paramore
Cranky? figured you out- nickeback
Sleepy? finger twist & split- cute is wat we aim for
Sad? nobody puts baby in the corner- fall out boy
Nervous? i'll run- the cab
Depressed? grim goodbye- red jumpsuit apparatus
Angry? bring me to life- evanescence
Jealous? star crossed- scary kids scaring kids
Evil? my immortal- evanescence
Dirty? shake it- metro station
What song makes you feel like you can fly? dance dance- fall out boy
What song makes you want to cry? almost here- the academy is...
What song makes you want to dance? mirror- barlowgirl
What song makes you want to eat compulsivly? the pros and cons of breathing- fall out boy
What song makes you want to take a nice long bubble bath? true to me- metro station
What song makes you need to pee? stay young- we the kings
What song reminds you of your childhood? let it die- three days grace
What song reminds you of the shape of our world? low fidelity- spill canvas
What Song Best Describes:

You? riot- three days grace
Your Dad? you know youve got it- we the kings
Your Mom? money bought- nickelback
Your Siblings? damn regret- red jumpsuit apparatus
Your Best Friend? vegas skies- the cab
Your Other Friends? now that were done- metro station
Your Future Spouse? one little miracle- hawk nelson
Your Stalker? ancient history- hawk nelson
Your School? connect the dots- spill cancas
Your Life? born like this- three days grace
Your Attitude Towards Life? all again for you- we the kings
Your Death? dead on arrival- fall out boy

Yout Theme Song Is: a year to the day- the hoodies

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

" 'Ruby, where is your mother?'
With that question from the social worker, Ruby knows the game is up.
She's been living alone in the old yellow house, waiting out the months until she turns eighteen and can finally be on her own legally. It certainly wasn't on her plan to be reunited with Cora, the sister who left 10 years before, and brought to live with Cora and her wealthy entrepreneur husband.
Suddenly life is transformed: a luxurious house, private school, new clothes, and even the chance of a future Ruby couldn't have dreamed of. So why is she wary, unable to be grateful, incapable of letting anyone close? Only Nate, the genial, popular boy next door, seems to understand, perhaps because hes been hiding some secrets of his own."
I loved this book. I think that Sarah Dessen is an AMAZING author. I think that I am going to read all of her books. Ive read most of them already. Sarah Dessen is now one of my top 3 favorite authors. <33
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