The Pact by Jodi Picoult

(This is not a young adult book.)
Summary: Two families.

Two children.

Destined to be together from the moment Emily Gold was born.

Chris Harte knew that he wanted to spend that rest of his life with Emily.

They were attached at the hip.

Always together, hardly ever apart.

Their parents, best friends.

Chris spent as much time at Emily's house as he did at his own.

The two families thought that nothing could tear them apart, until the phone rings on one November morning at 3o'clock.

Emily is dead.

Chris is the prime suspect.

The question is; could Chris, who said that he wanted to devote his whole life to Emily, really kill her?

Or was it all just a plan? A suicide pact?

Did Chris mean to kill himself too, but never get the chance?

Parents always say they know their children better then anyone else could, but is that always true?

Do parents just want to believe something so they aren't the ones blamed?

Rating: 5 Stars

Review: The Pact would have to be my favorite book by Jodi Picoult and trust me, I've read a lot of them. Jodi Picoult uses the power of words in a way that people rarely get to experience. Suspense, mystery, joy, pain, love, hate and so many other feelings are all woven beautifully into Jodi Picoults books. Ever book has a story behind it, ever book has a purpose. Whenever Jodi Picoult looks for an idea for a new book, she never goes far. She is known for dealing with problems in our world; suicide, depression, murders, killings, love, friendship. Jodi shows ever stage of things with twist and turns thrown in everywhere. The Pact was wonderfully written. I would recommend this book to anyone. Book lovers, non book lovers. Everyone will enjoy this book. It will make you cry, laugh, think, dream, and imagine.


Across the Pond

Across the Pond by Storyheart

I didn't JUST get this in the mail, but it was pretty recent.

So I'm going to start reading this pretty soon.

I'm pretty excited because I've heard a lot of good things about this book(:

As for a date when I'll maybe have the review up, I have no idea.

I'll read this as fast as I can, but it might take awhile because I'm trying to focus on my grades right now.

High schools pretty hard! D:



Revelations: a Blue Bloods novel by Melissa de la Cruz

Summary: Schuyler Van Alen has recently been accused of being a Silver Blood.

As she and everyone else tries to figure out if it's Blue Blood or Silver Blood that runs through her veins, Schuyler is stuck in the Force house.

Mimi Force is her cunning nemesis.

Jack Force is her forbidden crush.

The elder Blue Bloods soon realize that they need Schuyler on their side whether they want to believe it or want it.

Their security is threatened.

They all soon fear death.

The Silver Bloods are still out there.

No one knows who is ruling them.

Schuyler soon sees that she is being torn between her passion and her duty, her love and her freedom.

Rating: 5 Stars

Review: The Blue Bloods series is one of the best series that I've read in awhile. Melissa de la Cruz is one of the best writers that I've seen in awhile. I think that even people who don't really enjoy vampire books, who think that it really isn't their thing, will like this series. It's very enjoyable and it definitely keeps you guessing. Most of the time, I really can't predict whats going to happen. Things are just so surprising, that after awhile you just stop trying to guess because it sort of takes the fun out of it. Revelations was a very well written and likable. I can't wait for the fourth book in the series, The Van Alen Legacy.


From the author..

of Across the Pond.

Storyheart asked me to post this on my blog to inform all of you other bloggers about some new that he has(:

The main news today is actually not so much about the book but about my new Blog Radio Program which starts this and every Saturday at 11am EST


Is more a general chat over a cup of tea than a literary show going into depths of books and writing styles. It is for enjoyment, a couple of laughs and the latest news on the book you've written or read. Not only will I have authors talking about their books, or their virtual tours, but I want to get bloggers to come on and tell everybody about their blogs, what they are reading or have just read, even what is in their book case.

I have visited quiet a few such blogs, many run by teenagers which cover a huge variety of books and provide some wonderful incite from the people these books were actually written for.

If you are interested in appearing on A BOOK AND A CHAT” please email me at

So there you go!

Everyone should tune in(: I think I will!

That's all for now.


Oh My..

Hello Everyone,

I feel like my blog has died.

And in a way it sort of has.

I've been having a hard time with a lot of stuff lately.

I haven't had alot of time to read or a lot of time to post a review or anything.

So I'm here to say..



I'm currently reading the third book in the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz.

The title has sadly escaped my mind.

I'm sure that most of you know that I'm talking about though(:

I happen to be half-way through it so I think a review will becoming soon(:

Good-bye for now.

Lexi <3
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