Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

" 'Ruby, where is your mother?'
With that question from the social worker, Ruby knows the game is up.
She's been living alone in the old yellow house, waiting out the months until she turns eighteen and can finally be on her own legally. It certainly wasn't on her plan to be reunited with Cora, the sister who left 10 years before, and brought to live with Cora and her wealthy entrepreneur husband.
Suddenly life is transformed: a luxurious house, private school, new clothes, and even the chance of a future Ruby couldn't have dreamed of. So why is she wary, unable to be grateful, incapable of letting anyone close? Only Nate, the genial, popular boy next door, seems to understand, perhaps because hes been hiding some secrets of his own."
I loved this book. I think that Sarah Dessen is an AMAZING author. I think that I am going to read all of her books. Ive read most of them already. Sarah Dessen is now one of my top 3 favorite authors. <33


Anonymous said...

Great review! This book is definitely going on my reading list now. :) Sarah Dessen is indeed a great author.


YA Book Realm said...

This was an excellent book by Sarah Dessen. You should also check out Keeping the Moon and Just Listen by her! Can't wait to read your reviews :D


sarah bob said...

This is an awesome site! I'm definitely checking most, if not, all of these books. Happy reading!

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