Sticky Fingers by Niki Burnham


That's how Jenna Kassarian saw herself. By controlling her world, everything in and around it, she couldn't get hurt. Working hard protected her, or so she thought. Jenna's constantly pushing, for the perfect grades, the perfect boyfriend, the best best friend, and the perfect college.

Jenna doesn't think she can stop, though. She can't relax for one second. She can let go. Too afraid that if she does she'll completely lose everything that she worked so had to get. Which really affects her boyfriend Scott who is constantly pushing Jenna for sex.

At a New Year's party Jenna finally decides to relax, to let go. She has on drink, not even a full cup. But with the on drink her world is turned upside down.

She perfect facade shatters, she realizes that trying to be perfect in every way doesn't protect her from everything. That she may not be as bulletproof as she thought.

I really in joyed this book. Because of the title and the cover I thought it was all going to be about someones sex life. In a way it was but not the way you would expect. The was actually pretty exciting. By the end I could kind of predict what was going to happen but the fun part was that you didn't know HOW it was going to happen. I think that more people should read this book because it does open your eyes to things that do happen to a lot of people even though they think it won't.

Lexi <3

OMG! It's Here!!!

The official music video for Decode by Paramore is finally here!!! =]

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Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Zoey Redbird has finally settled in to the House of Night. She finally feels at home somewhere. Even though she still has a Mark that sets her apart from everyone else she still feels excepted and loved.

Zoey even got chosen as the leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons. She's also in training to become a High Priestess. A new boyfriend is in the mix too, well actually two.

Then one of the most unthinkable things happens. Human teens are being killed and no one knows who's doing it. But soon the evidence of the crimes starts to lead people to think that the House of Night is a part of it.

The humans from Zoey's old life seem to be the people being targeted. She soon starts to notice that the special powers given to her by the Goddess Nyx, may just be a curse more then a blessing, when they end up hurting the people she loves the most.

When Zoey needs the people she loves , a death happens that crushes her and her friends. They can't believe what happened but Zoey may be hiding something that can save the dead.

Zoey Redbird must find enough courage in herself to face a betrayal that can crush her soul and her heart. It also might change everything that she's ever thought she's known about the House of Night and the people she use to trust there and the people she didn't use to trust until now.

This has to be the most amazing series I've ever read. It pulls you in from the first sentence. It's like a never ending roller coaster ride. Anyone should read this series no matter if they like vampires. This series is written beautifully. It's a joy to read that everyone should experience.
I can't wait to read Chosen.

Lexi <3

Off Topicish!

Hey everyone!

So this is kinda off topic but if you haven't noticed I love things that are off topic!
Not really But you get the point! =]

So I just wanted to let all of you music lovers out there, like myself, that I have created a music blog!

If anyone is interested in it feel free to check it out and who knows maybe even join it! =]

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Marked (House of Night: Book 1) by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

House of Night is world very much like our own.

Except for the fact that vampyres are everywhere and have always existed in this world.

Zoey Redbird, a sixteen-year old girl, has just been marked as a fledgling, the lowest level of a vampyre. She has to join the House of Night, the school where she has to learn and train to be an adult vampyre.

But only if she makes it through the Change.
Which not everyone that is Marked does.

Zoey has to begin a new life. Away from everything that she's ever know. On top of that, she's definitely not an average fledgling either.

Zoey has been chosen to have special powers by the vampyre Goddess, Nyx. Everyone can tell this by the special Mark that she has. Like most it's a crescent moon shape, but unlike everyone, hers is completely colored in. Which is unusual to everyone at House of Night because a Mark is usually never fully colored in until the adult vampyre stage.

Along with the special powers that Zoey has, comes the early lust for blood, and her ability to Imprint, unwillingly on her ex-boyfriend, Heath.

Soon Zoey finds out she's not the only one at the House of Night that has special powers. The leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons, the most elite group in the whole school, happens to also have special powers, but unlike most, she is misusing her special powers given to her by the Goddess.

Now Zoey has to look deep inside herself and trust herself.
Something that shes not use to doing.
Zoey Redbird has to encourage her new destiny and her life, but of course with some help from her new vampyre friends.

I absolutely loved this book. P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast are an amazing mother and daughter writing team. I pretty much read this whole book in one sitting. The authors know how to capture a person within the first paragraph. Marked never got boring or stupid. It kept me guessing and on the edge of me set. I love a book that can do that. Marked was a different kind of vampire book. It was told from a different angle then most, but it still had the natural feel of a vampire book. It also had the perfect blend of romance, surprise, and also friendship. This book would be a great choice for any die hard vampire fan, like myself. Or for someone who isn't really use to vampire books. Either way I think that this is an amazing book and I can't wait to read the rest in the series.

Lexi <3
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