I Love Your Blog Award #3 && #4

This is my third and fourth time being nominated.

I was nominated by Amanda at http://reviewabook123.blogspot.com/ and Ashley at http://booksaremylove.blogspot.com/.

But I don't really want to nominate anyone so if you haven't been nominated yet consider yourself nominated.

Lexi <3


I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone or whatever holiday you do celibrate. =]
This was a pretty great christmas for me.

I got a laptop! (which I'm using right now xD)

A new cell phone!

A new straightener!

6 books!!

1. The Host by Stephenie Meyer

2. Identical by Ellen Hopkins (which I'm currently reading)

3.Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

4-6. Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

I also got 2 cds.
1. Anberlin- Just Surrender
2. Saosin- Saosin

And a $50 gift card to Borders!!!
And a $25 gift card to Itunes!! =]

Plus tons and tons of clothes!!!

Hope everyone had a great day and tell me about it and what you got if you want. =]

Lexi <3

Chosen by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Summary: Bloodlust. Dark Forces.

Both are happening at the House Of Night.

People Zoey Redbird use to love are turning into her new enemies.

Sworn enemies are also changing.

Becoming friends. People to trust.

Zoey's strength will be challenged.

Her power. Her everything.

Stevie Ray, her best friend and old roommate, is undead.

Zoey helps her try to hold on to the little humanity that she still possesses, even though she has no idea how.

Zoey can't ask for help.

She can't tell anyone about Stevie Ray.

Or about anything else that she finds out about while she's at the House Of Night.

Trust doesn't seem to exist anymore.

As if all of that wasn't enough for Zoey to deal with, she now has THREE boyfriends.

A situation that can turn into a social disaster.

For everyone.

Zoey starts to find that full grown vampyres are dying.

Which should be impossible.

But now Zoey and her friends start to realize that impossible doesn't exist for them anymore.

Rating: 4 Stars

Review: I really like this series. But by the third book some stuff seemed a little repetitive. It was a good book once you got past that. But I like the first two books better. The series is well written but sometimes there's a feeling that you don't have to read them in order or as a series. A lot is retold or something like that. But P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast are still really talented writers. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.


I Love Your Blog Award #2

This is my second time getting this award. This time it was given to me by Vanessa at What Vanessa Reads,

1. Put the logo *look up!* and rules on your blog.
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4. Tell them they’ve been nominated!

1) Ashley http://booksaremylove.blogspot.com
2) Harmony http://harmonybookreviews.wordpress.com
3) Lauren http://laurenscrammedbookshelf.blogspot.com
4) Just Blinded Book Reviews http://justblindedbookreviews.blogspot.com
5) Laina http://lainahastoomuchsparetime.blogspot.com

Alternative Cover

So I was on the computer and got really bored.

I started googling stuff. That's when I came across this:

It's an alternative cover for Gone by Michael Grant.

I found it at http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/g/michael-grant-2/gone.htm.

And I personally like it more then the first and probably most known cover:

I'm probably the only one who DOES like it more because I usually am.

But I love to everyone else's opinion on the alternative cover. =]

Lexi <3

P.S. I might make this a new feature on my blog but I haven't completely decided yet.

Gone by Michael Grant

Summary: GONE.

That's what happens to everyone in the town of Perdido Beach.

Except for the young.

Teens, middle schoolers, toddlers. All left alone.

No cops, no doctors, no teachers, no parents. No one.

No Internet, no phone, no television. No way to reach the outside world.

Bullies rule as hunger threatens.

Creatures lurk as animals mutate.

Teens are changing too.

Developing powers that should defy the laws of the universe.

Powers grow in strength every day.

A fight is growing.

Rich against poor.

Bullies against weak.

Powerful against powerless.

But they soon find out that every ones time in running out.

The minute you were born you disappear.

Just like everyone else before you...

Rating: 5 Stars

Review: I LOVED this book. The first time I started reading it, earlier this year, I couldn't get into it. But this time I couldn't put it down. It was addicting! I had to know what was going to happen and how some of the characters were connected. This book definitely had A LOT of surprises in it. I didn't know what could possibly happen next. I think everyone should read this book and I can't wait for the next one in the series.


Hey =]

Being grounded totally sucks.
Especially when your grounded just from the computer. Like me. And the computer happens to be my life...?

But anyway I'm now ungrounded. Which you should already be able to tell considering I'm posting. =P

Being grounded gave me time to think *cough read cough* so I'm half way done with Gone now. I'll try to post my newest review soon.

But give me a week. I'm not in a very readie mood. =]

All My Love,

Lexi <3

The Rule Of Won by Stefan Petrucha

Caleb Dunne is the slacker extraordinaire, who happens to have the most overachieving girlfriend ever, Vicky.

Vicky talks Caleb into joining a new club at Screech Neck High School. It's based on the new best selling and most controversial book, The Rule Of Won.

He thinks that it's all just going to be fun and games, but he soon realizes that this book and the mind set it gives people pulls them in quickly.

As the club grows through the whole school, including teachers and the principal, Caleb realizes that The Rule is turning into a cult.
And stopping a cult isn't as easy of an obstacle to cross as he hoped.

When Caleb gets the help of a former enemy he thinks that everything will be fixed and go back to normal.

But he soon realizes that his problems won't simply disappear by willing them away.

I loved this book. I've never has the chance to read a book by Stefan although I've really wanted to. I really like this writing style in this book. I got pulled in by the first chapter and it was always really hard to put down the book. The main character, Caleb, had a really funny personality. He seems to be one of the few characters to think rational about things and not get pulled in even though he a very much a slacker. I think everyone should read this book and the other ones that Stefan Petrucha has published. =]

Lexi <3

Guess What...

Just arrived in my mailbox!

An ARC of The Rule Of Won by Stefan Petrucha. Autographed and everything!
I haven't started to read it yet but after i get off the computer I'm going to start. =]
I'm not sure who long it will take me to read it because I've been really busy with school and my boyfriend lately. But as soon as i read it I'll review it and tell everyone what I think. =]

Lexi <3

Breaking Dawn


Yes I read Breaking Dawn. I'm a major Twilight fan. =]

But even though I loved the rest of the books in the series I pretty much hated this one. With the first three, it took me a matter of 2-3 day to read them. Breaking dawn? 3 months!

I found it very predictable and very boring because of that. I mean every one knew that Bella and Edward would have a happy ending but couldn't Mrs. Meyer put a LITTLE more excitement into it?

I mean Bella turning into a vampire, having a daughter, and having an actually pretty cool power did make it interesting BUT Jacob imprinting on the daughter? I didn't like that part. I thought he should of imprinted on someone else. And his narration? Was that really necessary? I got to that part and stopped reading the book. I found it very boring.
Even though Jacob is pretty much my favorite character! (Alice being the first)

I just think that could of been a better ending to the series that completely turned me on the vampire novels/series!

This will still remain one of my top series even though I hated Breaking Dawn.

P.S. No stick or rock throwing because I spoke my mind. =]

Lexi <3


I was also nominated by Amanda at Reading Is A Drug for the I Love Your Blog Award.
Soooooo I'll just put the two together. =]

Lexi <3

I Love Your Blog Award

I won the I Love Your Blog award from Molly at Random 101 (http://wowthatsrandom101.blogspot.com/). I'm really excited to win this award because I've been blogging for a long time but I don't feel like people know my blog very well. This makes me really to know that people do like my blog and my reviews. =]

My nomonies:
-Reading Is A Drug (http://reviewabook123.blogspot.com/)
-Laina Has Too Much Spare Time (http://lainahastoomuchsparetime.blogspot.com)
-Books Make Great Lovers (http://booksaremylove.blogspot.com)
-That One Emily Girl (http://thatonegirlemily.blogspot.com)
-Reading Keeps You Sane (http://readingkeepsyousane.blogspot.com)
-The Story Siren (http://www.thestorysiren.com)
-That Teen Can Blog (http://thatteencanblog.blogspot.com)

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Sticky Fingers by Niki Burnham


That's how Jenna Kassarian saw herself. By controlling her world, everything in and around it, she couldn't get hurt. Working hard protected her, or so she thought. Jenna's constantly pushing, for the perfect grades, the perfect boyfriend, the best best friend, and the perfect college.

Jenna doesn't think she can stop, though. She can't relax for one second. She can let go. Too afraid that if she does she'll completely lose everything that she worked so had to get. Which really affects her boyfriend Scott who is constantly pushing Jenna for sex.

At a New Year's party Jenna finally decides to relax, to let go. She has on drink, not even a full cup. But with the on drink her world is turned upside down.

She perfect facade shatters, she realizes that trying to be perfect in every way doesn't protect her from everything. That she may not be as bulletproof as she thought.

I really in joyed this book. Because of the title and the cover I thought it was all going to be about someones sex life. In a way it was but not the way you would expect. The was actually pretty exciting. By the end I could kind of predict what was going to happen but the fun part was that you didn't know HOW it was going to happen. I think that more people should read this book because it does open your eyes to things that do happen to a lot of people even though they think it won't.

Lexi <3

OMG! It's Here!!!

The official music video for Decode by Paramore is finally here!!! =]

Lexi <3

Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Zoey Redbird has finally settled in to the House of Night. She finally feels at home somewhere. Even though she still has a Mark that sets her apart from everyone else she still feels excepted and loved.

Zoey even got chosen as the leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons. She's also in training to become a High Priestess. A new boyfriend is in the mix too, well actually two.

Then one of the most unthinkable things happens. Human teens are being killed and no one knows who's doing it. But soon the evidence of the crimes starts to lead people to think that the House of Night is a part of it.

The humans from Zoey's old life seem to be the people being targeted. She soon starts to notice that the special powers given to her by the Goddess Nyx, may just be a curse more then a blessing, when they end up hurting the people she loves the most.

When Zoey needs the people she loves , a death happens that crushes her and her friends. They can't believe what happened but Zoey may be hiding something that can save the dead.

Zoey Redbird must find enough courage in herself to face a betrayal that can crush her soul and her heart. It also might change everything that she's ever thought she's known about the House of Night and the people she use to trust there and the people she didn't use to trust until now.

This has to be the most amazing series I've ever read. It pulls you in from the first sentence. It's like a never ending roller coaster ride. Anyone should read this series no matter if they like vampires. This series is written beautifully. It's a joy to read that everyone should experience.
I can't wait to read Chosen.

Lexi <3

Off Topicish!

Hey everyone!

So this is kinda off topic but if you haven't noticed I love things that are off topic!
Not really But you get the point! =]

So I just wanted to let all of you music lovers out there, like myself, that I have created a music blog!


If anyone is interested in it feel free to check it out and who knows maybe even join it! =]

Lexi <3

Marked (House of Night: Book 1) by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

House of Night is world very much like our own.

Except for the fact that vampyres are everywhere and have always existed in this world.

Zoey Redbird, a sixteen-year old girl, has just been marked as a fledgling, the lowest level of a vampyre. She has to join the House of Night, the school where she has to learn and train to be an adult vampyre.

But only if she makes it through the Change.
Which not everyone that is Marked does.

Zoey has to begin a new life. Away from everything that she's ever know. On top of that, she's definitely not an average fledgling either.

Zoey has been chosen to have special powers by the vampyre Goddess, Nyx. Everyone can tell this by the special Mark that she has. Like most it's a crescent moon shape, but unlike everyone, hers is completely colored in. Which is unusual to everyone at House of Night because a Mark is usually never fully colored in until the adult vampyre stage.

Along with the special powers that Zoey has, comes the early lust for blood, and her ability to Imprint, unwillingly on her ex-boyfriend, Heath.

Soon Zoey finds out she's not the only one at the House of Night that has special powers. The leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons, the most elite group in the whole school, happens to also have special powers, but unlike most, she is misusing her special powers given to her by the Goddess.

Now Zoey has to look deep inside herself and trust herself.
Something that shes not use to doing.
Zoey Redbird has to encourage her new destiny and her life, but of course with some help from her new vampyre friends.

I absolutely loved this book. P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast are an amazing mother and daughter writing team. I pretty much read this whole book in one sitting. The authors know how to capture a person within the first paragraph. Marked never got boring or stupid. It kept me guessing and on the edge of me set. I love a book that can do that. Marked was a different kind of vampire book. It was told from a different angle then most, but it still had the natural feel of a vampire book. It also had the perfect blend of romance, surprise, and also friendship. This book would be a great choice for any die hard vampire fan, like myself. Or for someone who isn't really use to vampire books. Either way I think that this is an amazing book and I can't wait to read the rest in the series.

Lexi <3


Who knew high school was going to be so hard and demanding?
I sure didn't! I was not prepared for all of the homework! It's so hard. And I started a new school this year which probably didn't help things at all because I also have to focus on making friends. But I think I'm doing okay.
I'm just having problems with Honors Geometry and Spanish 2. I think I can pull them back up by the end of the school year which is good. But that means more studying and even LESS reading time!
So with all of this other stuff going on I haven't really had that much time to read! I think it might actually be affecting me! =]
But hopefully by the end of the year after I get use to things to make some more friends I'll have more time to read.
I'm sorry I haven't been posting. But it's also because I don't have any good books that I want to read. I'm hoping I'll get some money soon so I can get one to read!
I'll try to post another review as soon as possible.

-Lexi <3

Decode- Paramore

I LOVE this song so much! I can't believe that its going to be in Twilight! If you listen to the lyrics or look them up it fits so well with the book!

The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong

Chloe Saunders was living a relatively normal life for a fifteen year old teenager.

Until she dies her hair pink in the girls bathroom at school, and starts running down the hallway at school during class trying to get away from a ghost......? That she sees and that sees her too.....?

The she gets locked up at the "Lyle House", a group home for unstable teenagers. Chloe realizes that mostly the doctor just slaps a label on you, medicates you, and hopes you get better. But she soon realizes that the home might not be all that it seems. There might be more to her, her housemates, the staff, and everyone involved than meets the eye.

I loved this book sooooooooooooooooooo much. Its now my new favorite book of all time. Or actually that I've read so far. I never thought it would end the way it did. And i love a book that ends in a completely different way then what I thought. I can Usually tell whats going to happen but i couldn't do it all with this book. Kelly Armstrong is and AMAZING author. And I can't wait for the sequel for this book. I want to know what happens to Chloe so bad. It's insane. =] <3

Before I Die- Jenny Downham

Everyone has to die. We all know it.

With only a few months left to live, sixteen year old Tessa knows that better then most.

After finding out she was going to die she made a list. Ten thing she wants to do before she dies. Number one is...sex. And the list starts tonight. As the book progresses and Tessa gets sicker things on the list change and things get added.

But Tessa soon finds out that getting what she wants isn't as easy as she thought. And getting what you want doesn't always give you what you need. But most importantly that unexpected things sometimes become the most important and most special.

I love this book. Tessa seemed to find herself and what she truly wanted throughout out the book. She found love in the most unexpected place. And she found happiness. To get over the fact that she was going to die and she couldn't do any thing about it. Tessa helped her best friend and her parents and made it a little easier for her little brother to cope with her death when she did die. But the best part, that you think is going to be the saddest (which was sad...i cried) was when she died. She died at home with the people who loved and cared for her the most. And no one could ask for anything more then that.

Lexi <3

Undone by Brooke Taylor

"1. Sing with Bleeder Valve.
2. Get a tattoo.
3. Work things out with Shay.
4. Confront D.
5. Tell Serena.
Kori Kitzler is the 'dark angel' of her high school: beautiful, mysterious, the subject of rumors. Serena Moore is just an average girl: unassuming. not exactly sure who she is or who she wants to be. But then a seemingly chance encounter ignites a fateful friendship- allowing Kori to draw Serena into her world.
When the girls are given an assignment to list five things they would never dream could really happen- their five ways to tempt fate- Serena doesn't take it very seriously. But then a tragedy leaves Serena shocked, alone, and in possession of Kori's five secret impossible possibilities. Can Serena complete her best friend's list, of will she leave Kori's dreams undone?"
I LOVED this book. I thought it was amazing. Once I started to read it I couldn't put it down. I now love this author. I hope she comes out with new books soon. <3

How To (un)Cage A Girl by Francesca Lia Block (ARC)

"The pain of wanting to fit in...
The joy of being consumed by love...
The shame of not feeling at home in your body...
The strength of feeling at home in you're body...
These are moments that ever girl knows...for they are part of growing up, of uncaging yourself from your childhood, your environment, your veiw of yourself. Francesca Lia Block follows the journey from girlhood to womanhood in this three-part poerty collection that channels girls' innermost feelings and experienses and celebrates women everywhere."
Personally I didn't like this book. It was confusing in some parts and boring in others. Its only caught my full attention about twice. In the beggining and the end. I thought the last two poems had a very good message to them. But the rest of it didn't really have a message. i don't think I will ever read this book again. <3

ipod shuffle

I thought that some of the answers were just priceless...lol ENJOY!!

Your Life Story:

What song should have played when you were born? forgotten children- tokio hotel
What song should have played on your 1st day of school? pedastal- barlowgirl
What song should have played on your graduation day? diary of jane- breaking benjamin
What will be your theme song in college? another hole in the head- nickelback
What song will be played at your wedding? scream- tokio hotel
What song will be playing when your 1st child is born? LAX to o'hare- the academy is...
What song will be played on your 50th birthday? be my escape- relient k
What song will be played at your funeral? dead is the new black- ice nine kills
What will be your theme song in Heaven? of all the gin joints in the world- fall out boy
Your Dream Life:

What song will be played when you win the lottery? moan- cute is wat we aim for
What song will be played when you land your dream job? one of those nights- the cab
What will be your theme song when you rule the Middle East? its beautiful after the end- we the kings
What will be your theme song when you rule your own planet? tears dont fall (acoustic)- bullet for my valentine
What song will be played when you become President of the United States? snake devil- scary kids scaring kids
What song will you sing when you win American Idol? never say i told you so- the almost
What Song Makes You Feel:

Happy? burn- three days grace
Flirty? stay in the ground- armor for sleep
Innocent? 10 years today- bullet for my valentine
Beautiful? hit the floor- bullet for my valentine
Loved? goes without saying- scary kids scaring kids
Alive? indestructible- disturbed
Relaxed? miracle- paramore
Cranky? figured you out- nickeback
Sleepy? finger twist & split- cute is wat we aim for
Sad? nobody puts baby in the corner- fall out boy
Nervous? i'll run- the cab
Depressed? grim goodbye- red jumpsuit apparatus
Angry? bring me to life- evanescence
Jealous? star crossed- scary kids scaring kids
Evil? my immortal- evanescence
Dirty? shake it- metro station
What song makes you feel like you can fly? dance dance- fall out boy
What song makes you want to cry? almost here- the academy is...
What song makes you want to dance? mirror- barlowgirl
What song makes you want to eat compulsivly? the pros and cons of breathing- fall out boy
What song makes you want to take a nice long bubble bath? true to me- metro station
What song makes you need to pee? stay young- we the kings
What song reminds you of your childhood? let it die- three days grace
What song reminds you of the shape of our world? low fidelity- spill canvas
What Song Best Describes:

You? riot- three days grace
Your Dad? you know youve got it- we the kings
Your Mom? money bought- nickelback
Your Siblings? damn regret- red jumpsuit apparatus
Your Best Friend? vegas skies- the cab
Your Other Friends? now that were done- metro station
Your Future Spouse? one little miracle- hawk nelson
Your Stalker? ancient history- hawk nelson
Your School? connect the dots- spill cancas
Your Life? born like this- three days grace
Your Attitude Towards Life? all again for you- we the kings
Your Death? dead on arrival- fall out boy

Yout Theme Song Is: a year to the day- the hoodies

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

" 'Ruby, where is your mother?'
With that question from the social worker, Ruby knows the game is up.
She's been living alone in the old yellow house, waiting out the months until she turns eighteen and can finally be on her own legally. It certainly wasn't on her plan to be reunited with Cora, the sister who left 10 years before, and brought to live with Cora and her wealthy entrepreneur husband.
Suddenly life is transformed: a luxurious house, private school, new clothes, and even the chance of a future Ruby couldn't have dreamed of. So why is she wary, unable to be grateful, incapable of letting anyone close? Only Nate, the genial, popular boy next door, seems to understand, perhaps because hes been hiding some secrets of his own."
I loved this book. I think that Sarah Dessen is an AMAZING author. I think that I am going to read all of her books. Ive read most of them already. Sarah Dessen is now one of my top 3 favorite authors. <33

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

"Unbeknownst to mortals, a power struggle is unfolding in a world of shadows and danger. After centuries of stability, the balance among the Faery Courts has altered, and Irial, ruler of the Dark Court, is battling to hold his rebellious and newly vulnerable fey together. If he fails bloodshed and brutality will follow.
Seventeen-year-old Leslie knows nothing of faeries or their intrigues. When she is attracted to an eerily beautiful tattoo of eyes and wings, all she knows is that she has to have it, convinced it is a tangible symbol of changes she desperately craves for her own life.
The tattoo does bring changes-not the kind Leslie has dreamed of, but sinister, compelling changes that are more than symbolic. Those will bind Leslie and Irial together, drawing Leslie deeper and deeper into the faery world, unable to resist its allures, and helpless to withstand its perils..."
I didn't really like this book. I guess I was kind of disappointed because I expected certain things from this book that i got from Wicked Lovely but I didn't get them. I actually took me awhile to get into this book and when i finally did it was almost over already. Ink Exchange isn't in my top 10 books like I wanted and thought it was going to be. I'll still read the sequel to Wicked Lovely because i think that one will still be really good. <33


So I just won the teenreads.com may contest thing. So you can be expecting new and more book reviews after i finish Ink Exchange and get my books! I get Cathy's Key, City Of The Lost Souls: The Vampress Girls, Book 1 by Jacy Nova and Nick Nova, The Death Of Jayson Porter by Jaimie Adoff, Earth Matters by David Rothschild and How To Be Bad by E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski and Lauren Myracle, as well as a Teenreads.com signature tote bag!! Im so excited!! Cant wait!! =D

Lexi <33


Hey everyone!! Sorry I havent posted a review in awhile.. I just havent felt like reading!! I know what your thinking but i just havent!! =P But Im SLOWLY reading Ink Exchange so I guess you can expect a new review in about.... a week.. but thats the longest it will take me.. PROMISE... =D so i guess if Im going to finish my book... I better get off the computer.... So BYE BYE everyone.. check back soon you never know how fast i might get this book done.... =D

Lexi <33

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

I really want to read this book because i loved Wicked Lovely. But I want to know if anyone has read it and if you have what did you think of it??

Lexi <33

Saving Zoë by Alyson Noël

"It's been one year since the murder of her sister, Zoe, and fifteen year old Echo is still reeling from the aftermath. Her parents are numb, her friends are moving on, and the awkward start to her freshmen year proves she'll never live up to her sister's memory.

Until Zoe's old boyfriend Marc shows up with her diary.

At first Echo's not interested, doubting there's anything in there she doesn't already know. But when curiosity prevails, she starts reading, becoming so immersed in her sister's secret world, their lives begin to blur, forcing Echo to uncover the truth behind Zoe's life, so that she can start to rebuild her own."

I LOVED this book. I loved how Echo thought that she knew everything about Zoe that she thought that there was to know. But by reading her diary she slowly started to realize that she really didn't know anything about Zoe. This now one of my favorite books and one of my favorite authors. <33

You Don't Know Me by David Klass

"You think you know John? Well, lets see... What bathroom fixture did his father have in mind at his birth? Does algebra have a use besides torture? Who is Glory Hallelujah? Who is Violent Hayes? What do they all want? Who or what are the Lashasa Palulu? Why do fools fall in love? How can anyone who is fighting a secret battle for his life know anyone? And how can they know him?"

I really liked this book. I thought it was great how the characters interacted and all twists and turns this book had. I never thought that it would of ended the way it did but that's also what makes it such a good book. <33

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

"Annabel Greene is the girl who has everything. At least, that's what she pro;trays in her modeling shoots. But Annabel's life is far from perfect. Her friendship with Sophie ended bitterly, and her older sister's eating disorder is weighing down the entire family. Isolated and ostracized at school and at home, Annabel retreats into silent acceptance. Then she meets Owen- intense, music-obsessed, and determined to always tell the truth. And with his guidance, Annabel learns to just listen to herself and gains the courage to speak honestly. But will she be able to tell everyone what really happened the night she and Sophie stopped being friends?"

I think that this is my favorite book by Sarah Dessen. I loved how the friendship between Annabel and Owen grew and how Annabel learned to listen to herself. And I think that the ending was great how Annabel told everyone what really happened the night of the party. <33

Masquerade: Blue Bloods Novel by Melissa de la Cruz

"Schuyler Van Allen wants an explanation for the mysterious deaths of young Blue Bloods. With her best friend, Oliver, Schuyler travels to Italy in the hope of finding the one man who can help-her grandfather. Meanwhile, back in New York, preparations are feverishly under way for the Four Hundred Ball, an exclusive gala hosted by the city's wealthy, powerful, and unhuman-a true Blue Blood affair.

But it's the after-party, a masquerade ball thrown by the cunning Mimi Force, that the real danger lurks. Hidden behind the masks is a revelation that will forever change the course of a young vampire's destiny.

Rich with glamour, attitude, and vampire lore, this second installment in the Blue Bloods saga will leave readers thirsting for more."

I loved this book. I thought that the second one couldn't be better than the first but I was wrong. I think this is my new favorite series! <33

Rumors: A Luxe Novel by Anna Godbersen

"After bidding good-bye to New York's brightest star, Elizabeth Holland, rumors continue to fly about her untimely demise.

All eyes are on those closest to the dearly departed: her mischievous sister, Diana, now the family's only hope for redemption; New York's most notorious cad, Henry Schoon-maker, the flame Elizabeth never extinguished; the seductive Penelope Hayes, poised to claim all that her best friend left behind—including Henry; even Elizabeth's scheming former maid, Lina Broud, who discovers that while money matters and breeding counts, gossip is the new currency.

As old friends become rivals, Manhattan's most dazzling socialites find their futures threatened by whispers from the past. In this delicious sequel to The Luxe, nothing is more dangerous than a scandal . . . or more precious than a secret."

I thought that Rumors wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I don't think that it lived up to The Luxe. But I still think that Anna Godbersen is a good author I just don't think that this is a very good series anymore. <33

The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

"Pretty girls in pretty dresses, partying until dawn.

Irresistible boys with mischievous smiles and dangerous intentions.

White lies, dark secrets, and scandalous hookups.

This is Manhattan, 1899.

Beautiful sisters Elizabeth and Diana Holland rule Manhattan's social scene. Or so it appears. When the girls discover their status among New York City's elite is far from secure, suddenly everyone—from the backstabbing socialite Penelope Hayes, to the debonair bachelor Henry Schoonmaker, to the spiteful maid Lina Broud—threatens Elizabeth's and Diana's golden future.

With the fate of the Hollands resting on her shoulders, Elizabeth must choose between family duty and true love. But when her carriage overturns near the East River, the girl whose glittering life lit up the city's gossip pages is swallowed by the rough current. As all of New York grieves, some begin to wonder whether life at the top proved too much for this ethereal beauty, or if, perhaps, someone wanted to see Manhattan's most celebrated daughter disappear...

In a world of luxury and deception, where appearance matters above everything and breaking the social code means running the risk of being ostracized forever, five teenagers lead dangerously scandalous lives. This thrilling trip to the age of innocence is anything but innocent."

After reading this book I think that this is going to be a really good series. No its not one of my favorite books but I still think its good and worth buying. <33

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

"Schuyler Van Allen has never fit in at Duchesne, her prestigious New York City private school. She prefers baggy, vintage clothes to the Prada and pearls worn by her classmates. But when she turns fifteen, Schuyler's life changes dramatically. The death of a popular schoolmate haunts her in unexpected ways. And strangest of all, Jack Force, the most popular boy in school, is showing a sudden interest in her.

Once an outcast, Schuyler is thrust into Manhattan's most exclusive social circle. Its members are the powerful, the wealthy, and-as Schuyler soon discovers-the unhuman. They are Blue Bloods, an ancient group of vampires, and for centuries they've been invincible. Now someone is preying on this elite group, and Schuyler wants to find out the truth. But is she the most vulnerable of them all?"

I love vampire books but I thought that I wouldn't like this one because it's so different than usual but I was wrong. I think that I like this series ever more because it's so different. <33

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

"Fourteen-year-old Trixie Stone is in love for the first time. She's also the light of her father, Daniel's life-a straight-A student, a pretty, popular freshman in high school; a girl who's always seen her father as a hero. That is, until her world is turned upside down with a single act of violence. Suddenly everything Trixie has believed about her family-and herself-seems to be a lie. Could the boyfriend who once made Trixie wild with happiness have been the one to end her childhood forever? She says that he is, and that is all it takes to make Daniel, a seemingly mild-mannered comic book artist with a secret tumultuous past he has hidden from his family, venture to hell and back to protect his daughter.

With The Tenth Circle, Jodi Picoult offers her most powerful chronicle yet as she explores the unbreakable bond between parent and child, and questions whether you can reinvent yourself in the course of a lifetime-or if your mistakes are carried forever."

I never thought that I could love Jodi Picoult more but this book sure did the trick. I never thought that it would end the way it did or that even the events would happened the way they did. This book was pure genius. <33

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

"Susie Salmon, murdered at age fourteen, is adjusting to her new home in heaven, a place that is not at all what she expected, while back on earth her grief-stricken family is unraveling. Out of unspeakable tragedy and loss, The Lovely Bones succeeds, miraculously, in building a tale filled with hope, humor, suspense, even joy. This phenomenal #1 bestseller is a novel celebrated at once for its narrative artistry, its luminous clarity of emotion, and its astonishing power to claim to the hearts of millions of readers around the world."
This is my favorite book of all time. I love the point of view it's told from. And all the hardships the family went through to get over the death of their daughter/sister. It's simply the best. <33

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

"Three lives, three different paths to the same destination: Aspen Springs, a psychiatric hospital for those who have attempted the ultimate act- suicide.

Vanessa is beautiful and smart, but her secrets keep her answering the call of the blade.

Tony, after suffering a painful childhood, can only find peace through pills.

And Conner, outwardly, has the perfect life. But dig a little deeper and find a boy who is in constant battle with his parents, his life, himself.

In one instant each of these young people decided enough was enough. They grabbed the blade, the bottle, the gun- and tried to end it all. Now they have a second chance, and just maybe, with each other's help, they can find their way to a better life- but only if they're strong and can fight the demons that brought them here in the first place."
I fell in love with this book and Ellen Hopkins on the first page. As I read Impulse I found myself thinking of how I can relate to each character in a different way. I thought this book was amazing and I can't wait to read more of Ellen Hopkins' books! <33

Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

"Sterling is an ordinary New Hampshire town where nothing ever happens- until the day its complacency is shattered by an act of violence. Josie Cormier, the daughter of the judge sitting on the case, should be the state's best witness, but she can't remember what happened before her very own eyes- or can she? As the trial progresses, fault lines between the high school and the adult community begin to show- destroying the closest of friendships and families. Nineteen Minutes asks what it means to be different in our society, who has the right to judge someone else, and whether anyone is ever who they seem to be."

I loved this book. I was surprised by the ending like I usually am with all of Jodi Picoult's books.

Nineteen Minutes shows what can happen to a small town that is destroyed by an act of violence and in this book it's a high school shooting. Josie Cormier's boyfriend is killed right before her eyes so she should be able to testify and say if her old best friend shot him but she can't remember what happened.. <33>

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