The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong

Chloe Saunders was living a relatively normal life for a fifteen year old teenager.

Until she dies her hair pink in the girls bathroom at school, and starts running down the hallway at school during class trying to get away from a ghost......? That she sees and that sees her too.....?

The she gets locked up at the "Lyle House", a group home for unstable teenagers. Chloe realizes that mostly the doctor just slaps a label on you, medicates you, and hopes you get better. But she soon realizes that the home might not be all that it seems. There might be more to her, her housemates, the staff, and everyone involved than meets the eye.

I loved this book sooooooooooooooooooo much. Its now my new favorite book of all time. Or actually that I've read so far. I never thought it would end the way it did. And i love a book that ends in a completely different way then what I thought. I can Usually tell whats going to happen but i couldn't do it all with this book. Kelly Armstrong is and AMAZING author. And I can't wait for the sequel for this book. I want to know what happens to Chloe so bad. It's insane. =] <3


Neveen said...

Wow wow wow. I am glad that you loved it.
I am going to buy it for sure.

Ashley said...

For sure going to check this one out. Great review. :)

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