Sticky Fingers by Niki Burnham


That's how Jenna Kassarian saw herself. By controlling her world, everything in and around it, she couldn't get hurt. Working hard protected her, or so she thought. Jenna's constantly pushing, for the perfect grades, the perfect boyfriend, the best best friend, and the perfect college.

Jenna doesn't think she can stop, though. She can't relax for one second. She can let go. Too afraid that if she does she'll completely lose everything that she worked so had to get. Which really affects her boyfriend Scott who is constantly pushing Jenna for sex.

At a New Year's party Jenna finally decides to relax, to let go. She has on drink, not even a full cup. But with the on drink her world is turned upside down.

She perfect facade shatters, she realizes that trying to be perfect in every way doesn't protect her from everything. That she may not be as bulletproof as she thought.

I really in joyed this book. Because of the title and the cover I thought it was all going to be about someones sex life. In a way it was but not the way you would expect. The was actually pretty exciting. By the end I could kind of predict what was going to happen but the fun part was that you didn't know HOW it was going to happen. I think that more people should read this book because it does open your eyes to things that do happen to a lot of people even though they think it won't.

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