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Storyheart asked me to post this on my blog to inform all of you other bloggers about some new that he has(:

The main news today is actually not so much about the book but about my new Blog Radio Program which starts this and every Saturday at 11am EST


Is more a general chat over a cup of tea than a literary show going into depths of books and writing styles. It is for enjoyment, a couple of laughs and the latest news on the book you've written or read. Not only will I have authors talking about their books, or their virtual tours, but I want to get bloggers to come on and tell everybody about their blogs, what they are reading or have just read, even what is in their book case.

I have visited quiet a few such blogs, many run by teenagers which cover a huge variety of books and provide some wonderful incite from the people these books were actually written for.

If you are interested in appearing on A BOOK AND A CHAT” please email me at

So there you go!

Everyone should tune in(: I think I will!

That's all for now.



Storyheart said...

Thanks Lexi, don't forget your down to be interviewed yourself on Saturday 22nd March

Sadako said...

Sweet, this looks fun. I'll try to listen if I'm around on a Saturday morning. I like that it seems fun and informal.

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