Fade to Blue by Sean Beaudoin

Pub Date: August 1, 2009

Summary: Ever wonder how long it takes to lose your mind?

Sophie Blue

Sarcastic. Artistic. Gothic.

A year ago on her birthday, her father left.

Or maybe he joined a cult.

Or just combusted.

No one really knows.

But he had bad timing because now Sophie’s being followed.

A Popsicle truck with tinted windows has started circling her house.

Kenny Fade

Basketball Star. Popular. The guy every girl wants.

He’s got everything.

The cheerleader. The title.

Every girl (and their moms) would do anything to have him.

Sophie and Kenny don’t have anything in common.

They’re very different.

Except for the fact that they both think they’re losing their minds.

Rating: 1 Star

Review: I’m sorry, but I really didn’t enjoy this book. I thought it sounded interesting enough when I read the summary online, but it’s so different when you read it. I really gave this book a chance, but I was not into it at all. I think it’s definitely for people with an acquired taste in what they read. If you think you would enjoy this book, then by all means, read it. I think that the plot was a very interesting idea; I just didn’t like the writing style very much. This was the first time I’ve read anything by Sean Beaudoin so maybe I just didn’t know what to expect. Even though I didn’t really like Fade to Blue I still want to give Going Nowhere Faster a try.

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