Annie's Baby: The Diary of Anonymous, Pregnant Teenager

Pub Date: December 2004

Summary: Pregnancy comes with not only major responsibilities but mixed emotions and big decisions.

When Annie finds out that her boyfriend got her pregnant, she’s devastated.

She feels more alone then ever before.

No one knows, so with no one to turn to, Annie pours her heart out to her diary daily.

Panic. Self-doubt. Desperate. Hope.

Every day Annie has so many different emotions running through her.

She always has hope though, that she can one day turn her life around.

Keeping the baby or giving it up.

Annie dreads making that decision every day.

But in the end, she decides to keep it.

She always dreams of loving and caring for it.

Even though Annie has no one there for support and help her, she never once thinks about giving up the baby.

But how long can she really raise a child on her own?

Rating: 4 1 / 2 Stars

Review: I've heard so many amazing things about Annie's Baby. I really wanted to read it and when I found out Ashley owned a copy I wanted to borrow it right away! Going into this book I kind of knew what to expect but yet not really. The way it's written is pretty good for just being a teenagers diary. While reading this book I started to rethink some of the things in my life and I love it when a book can do that. This book really had an impact on me. It made me remember that your decisions really can end badly even if you take the measures to try to prevent it. I think that Annie really had some hard decisions to make in the book, but in the end she made everything right again. Well as right as they could be. It would take a lot for a teenager to raise a baby. We may not like to believe it, but we're still babies ourselves. Teenagers shouldn't have to raise a baby by themselves. To prevent this and other things from happening you really just have to prevent this from happening. You can't put yourself in a situation that can end like this. I really want to own a copy of this book. I really did enjoy reading it.

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