As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

Pub Date: August 2009

Summary: It’s been months, and Viola still isn’t over her boyfriend.

Ever since Lawrence ended their relationship, Viola hasn’t been able to focus on anything.

All she wants is to belong again and to have someone love her.

When Viola accidentally summons a genie into her world, she finds herself able to make three wishes.

Jinn, the young genie, only wants to return home.

Viola, on the other hand, wants to make sure she makes the right three wishes.

She wants the wishes to finally make her happy.

But, as Jinn and Viola spend more time together, they find themselves growing closer.

Soon, Jinn realizes that he’s falling for a human girl; he’s falling fast for Viola.

For Viola, it takes more time for her to realize her true feelings for Jinn.

After her first wish, she knows that she’s falling in love with Jinn.

With only two more wishes left, Viola spends all of her time, not wishing.

The sooner she makes those final wishes, the sooner Jinn will leave.

And the sooner Viola will be forced to forget about him.

Rating: 3 Stars

Review: For me, As You Wish was just an average book with a bigger than life plot. I really expected more from this novel and from Jackson Pearce. I’m not saying this book wasn’t good; it definitely had its moments. The friendship and relationship that developed between Viola and Jinn was really cute and you could tell that they cared for each other. Since As You Wish is written from alternating points of view, I think it could have flowed better or just been told by one person. Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable and light-hearted novel. If you don't think you'll be interested in As You Wish, you should still give it a try!

-Lexi (:


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