All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab

Pub Date: January 2010

Summary: Carly. Neily. Audrey.

Three friends who thought nothing bad could happen to them.

That is until Neily finds Carly dead.

Carly was sweet and smart and very self-destructive.

She knew secrets, secrets that got her killed.

Neily was Carly’s boyfriend, until she dumped him for the bad boy at Brighton Day School.

He blames himself for what happened, for not answering his cell phone when Carly called.

Audrey was Carly’s cousin and the reason Carly got involved with the bad crowd.

She also blames herself, but she thinks the wrong person is in jail for the murder.

Audrey wants Neily’s help to find the real killer.

They dig into the past that they both shared with Carly.

Finding the real killer will force both Neily and Audrey to face things about themselves and the girl they loved but couldn't’t save.

Rating: 5 Stars

Review: Every review I have read for All Unquiet Things had nothing but positive things to say, and now I know why. This novel is probably one of the best that I’ve read in while. The plot was unique, something I haven’t heard about in awhile, and the characters were all so different but interacted so well. The dialogue never felt forced, it always had some sort of flow to it. The friendship that grew between Neily and Audrey definitely didn’t start out like a normal friendship between strangers would. I found myself feeling sorry of Neily, he lost the one person he loved and he just didn’t really know how to handle himself. He was by far my favorite character even though all of them were just really amazing. Carly was a close second. She was confused by what was going on in her life but yet she kept trying to find some purpose for herself. She did find herself going down the wrong path, but who hasn’t? Carly tried to make it right for everyone even though she put herself in danger. I would really recommend All Unquiet Things to everyone. It’s so powerful and has a lot of insight into what can actually go on someone’s mind when they think that everything has gone wrong.

FTC: I received this novel from its publishing company/author with the understanding that I would provide an honest review. I am not getting paid in any way for writing and posting this review.

-Lexi (:
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