Forever by Judy Blume

Summary: There's a first for everything.

Sometimes, when you think of something in you mind, imagining it, dreaming of it, it can turn out completely different.

Sometimes, it can't live up to your expectations.

True love is nothing like that.

Katherine and Michael can't seem to get enough of each other.

Their relationship seems to have everything.

Passion. Love. Uniqueness. And it's always fun.

Their relationship has been short so far, but both Katherine and Michael know it's serious.

It's senior year, finally, Katherine knows that there are a lot of changes ahead.

Katherine and Michael have to make a decision about their relationship.

Is it the love of a lifetime or the beginning of a lifetime of love?

Rating: 5 STARS!

Review: I loved Forever. I've never read anything by Judy Blume before, but I had heard a lot of good things about this book. I HAD to read it. I have to admit, at first I was kind of freaked to read it. Haha. I had heard some things about it and I wasn't really sure about it. But, then I started to read it. You get caught up in Katherine and Michael's relationship. It makes you think of your first serious relationship and everything that went along with it. It's really amazing. Some parts aren't really appropriate for younger children, but it does actually teach you some things. Like what NOT to do, but then again it does teach you so some things you should do. All in all, I really enjoyed Forever. I'm glad that I actually bought it instead of just borrowing it from someone or getting it from the library. I know that I'm going to read this again. Maybe not soon, but I know it will get read again, many time.



stargirlreads said...

I love this book and Judy. You should read Tiger Eyes

Alicia said...

I absolutely LOVE Judy Blume. This is my favorite book by her and I read it many times when I was younger, then I had to buy the version with the cute cover (above) because my ratty old copy wasn't cutting it - of course, I saved it :)

Laina said...

You've never read a Judy Blume before this one??????? How is that possible???

Mira said...

I love this book and the book tiger eyes was great the way judy loooses herself in a book is just rokin!!. Omgg i love this lady go judy goo

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