Little Black Lies by Tish Cohen

Pub Date: October 2009

Summary: Sara Black is losing a balancing act at the most elite school in Boston.

Anton High isn’t your usual high school.

Most students can’t get in after freshman year.

But if you’re like Sara and your father is the janitor, you have no problem getting in.

No one knows her past; she can be whoever she wants.

Sara Black can reinvent herself like never before.

Everything Sara has been running from almost disappears.

She can pretend that her mother didn’t run off with her science teacher.

That maybe her father’s OCD will soon be under control.

When Sara has a slip of the tongue, students think she’s from London.

London, England that is.

But really, she's just a normal girl from Lundon, Massachusetts.

Sara Black has to learn the hard way that some little lies can come back to haunt

Especially when one of the most popular girls at school is out to get you.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Review: I really enjoyed reading Little Black Lies. I loved the story line and the plot, they were so unique. It had romance, father-daughter relationship, friendship, adventure, finding yourself, divorce, and even illnesses. I think everyone could relate to something in this book. Sara was a very interesting character, very complex but yet oh so likable. You really wanted to be her friend and you understood, somewhat, of where she was coming from. Sara was definitely the character that really pulled you in from the very beginning. All of the characters were actually very well written, as was the way they all interacted. A reader could tell from almost the beginning of the book that Sara's relationship with her father was very stressed. She really wanted her father's battle with OCD to be over with, she wanted him to get the help that she knew he needed. A part of Sara though, did blame her mother for causing her father's illness to come back. But the end of this novel you can really see the journey Sara Black took to try to find herself and make sense of everything in her life. I really enjoyed reading Little Black Lies, and with a tittle like that how could you not?

-Lexi (:
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