Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr

Pub Date: October 2009

Summary: What happens when you believe in miracles then everything changes?

Samara Taylor used to believe in a lot of things, miracles being one of them.

A pastor’s family is always supposed to be perfect and love God.

Sam knows all too well though, that her family isn’t close to that.

Her father’s a pastor but that doesn’t make her family perfect or God loving in any way.

Sam’s mother is currently in rehab after there’s an incident with a DUI.

Her father on the other hand, is interested in everything but his family.

His congregation knows nothing about Sam’s family.

But when there’s a local tragedy, it seems to overlap with the personal one going in within Sam.

A young girl is kidnapped and no one knows how to save her.

Someone has to stop the community from falling apart during a time where everyone needs each other.

Sam’s been worn down, she doesn’t know how to keep believe in miracles and God.

Her last thread of faith is being to unravel right in front of her eyes.

Rating: 4 Stars

Review: Sara Zarr is really an amazing author. I fall in love with her all over again once I read another book written by her. As soon as I found out she was writing Once Was Lost, I couldn't wait to read it. Story of a Girl was the first book I ever read by Sara and it really made me believe that an author gets how teenagers can be. Once Was Lost was such a powerful book that dealt with a lot of different issues. I personally believe that some authors don't tackle some hard issues going on in our society, but I think that Sara Zarr does. In everyone of her books she reminds us not to forget to believe and Once Was Lost definitely made that a bigger point that other books. It was so hard for me to up down this books because I wanted to know what was going to happen to Sam and her family so bad. All you wanted to do was help Sam through everything, she was a very well written characters. As was all of the other characters that played a part in this novel, but Sam was probably my favorite. I'm really happy that I had the chance to read this book. Everyone should really read this book, it's really amazing. I can't wait for Sara Zarr's next book!

-Lexi (:

FTC: I received this book from Little, Brown and Company.


Anonymous said...

I soooooo want to read this book! I won a copy in a contest a little while back and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I love Sara Zarr, she can do no wrong. ;D

Princess Neve Reviews said...

I loved your review. It been a while since I've read a review and yours brought me back to the reviews land.

Good Job Lexi... :D

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