Alternative Cover 2

So everyone who is a fan of John Green has probably heard of his book An Abundance of Katherines.

And when they think of the book they probably think of this cover:

Well that is if you read the book before a couple years ago.

I think that's when the new cover came out:

Then again I'm not really 100% sure when this new cover came out.

I personally like the old cover more. I think it's simpler and to me it seems to fit in better with Green's other cover for Looking for Alaska and his newest one Paper Towns.

So like last time I would LOVE to know what YOU think about the cover.

Your favorite one and why you like that one. :]

Lexi <3


addicted reader said...

I kinda like the second one better! but thats just my opinion! Where do you find all of these different covers?

anotherpageisused said...

Um. Well I found the Gone one on Fantastic Fiction ( but thats actaully a UK website.
And I found the one for An Abundance of Katherines when I was bored and started googleing stuff. :]

Hope thats what you were looking for.

Lexi <3

Hope. said...

I haven't read this book before, but I love the first cover a lot more than I do the second.


stargirlreads said...

The second one is better

Laina said...

I like the first one, it's simpler. And also, I don't often like people on book covers.

ka.ryan said...

i like the first cover because it's colorful(:
of course, i would've read it anyways, because it's called an abundance of katherines :p
either way i loveloveloved that book.

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