Wake by Lisa McMann

Summary: Your Dreams Are Not Your Own.

Not All Dreams Are Sweet.

Having to live every one's dreams every night is getting old for 17-year-old Janie.

She has to deal with the falling dreams. The naked dreams. The sex-crazed dreams.

She's seen enough dreams to last her for the rest of her life.

But, Janie can't tell anyone what happens to her every time someone around her falls asleep.

They wouldn't believe her or they would think she's a freak. Which is even worse.

So Janie lives her life alone.

With a mother who doesn't pay attention to her. A best friend who lives next door but is also best friends with Janie's enemy.

One day Janie gets sucked into a nightmare.

Worse then one that she has ever witnessed before.

But not only is Janie a witness she's also a participant.

Trying to control her "power", as some would call it, and trying to help others in the process is not as easy as she would hope.

Then the person she's trying to help becomes more important to her then anyone ever has.

Making the situation even more of a struggle for Janie.

Rating: 3 Stars

Review: When I first started reading this book I didn't think I would like it. I thought it was going to be a stupid read and that I would really hate it. BUT when I started to read it I was amazed at how the author wrote it. I felt like I was actually Janie a couple times. This was another one day read for me. Not because it was so boring but because I couldn't possibly put it down no matter how hard I tried. Which didn't make my mother very happy. I think that everyone would really love this book. Because if I started reading this book with a negative attitude but ended up loving it, I think anyone would really like this book. Now all I have to do is save enough money to buy Fade.



Neveen said...

Amazing book by an anmazing writer that happnes to be my friend.

If you want to interview her just tell me, okay.

I love your review. Awake and Fade are on my to buy list...

Anonymous said...

I loved this book too!
I started reading this when I randomly checked it out from the library and I usually don't like randomly picked books, but I ended up loving this one!


Hope. said...

I love this book! It's amazing. I can't wait until Fade. It seems like so far away, haha.


Laina said...

Looks good!

The Not So Closet Geeks said...

I just about to read this- I borrowed it from a friend today. I'm glad it sounds so good!

~bella aire~

anotherpageisused said...

Hope I can't wait to get it either!

I think almost anyone would like it no matter the circumsatances. =]

Lexi <3

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