Secret Vampire: Part One of Night World No. 1 by L. J. Smith

Poppy wanted her summer to last forever.

To spend every minute she possibly could with James.

Poppy could tell that he was harboring a secret, but she wasn't sure what it could be.

She wanted to know though.

She thought this summer would be different.

But when Poppy was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she found out her summer would be different.

Just not how she expected.

Now Poppy has to rely on James to save her.

Not only is James her best friend, he soon becomes her secret lover.

As a vampire in the Night World, James has the decision to make Poppy immortal and ultimately save her life.

But doing so would mean that James has to go against all of the rules of the Night World that he belongs to whether he wants to or not.


I likes this book. Although I think it could of had a little bit more suspense and mystery in it. This was the first book by J. L. Smith that I've read but I really like her writing style. She is definitely very unique. Smith writes vampire novels very well. Considering that that's what she's known for. But within this book, there are two more parts that I still have to read, which deal witches. So I'm very interested in finding out how well J. L. Smith writes about different fantasy tales and things like that. :]

Lexi <3


addicted reader said...

Great Review Lexi!!!!

Neveen said...

Nice to know that you liked L.J.Smith's work. I can not wait to get my copies of The Vampire Diaraies Set 1 ans Set 2...

Amazing review Lexie.

P.S. Have you e-miled LISA MACMANN?

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