Challenges For '09

I saw alot of people do these challenges this year.
So thought what the heck why don't I try it too. =]

The challenges I'm going to try to tackle this year are:

The 100+ Reading Challenge


The A-Z Challenge

I hope I can finish both of these challenges this year. =]

Lexi <3


Hope. said...

I'm doing the 100+ Challenge too. This year I read 105 books, so as long as I read more than that, I will be happy. :]


anotherpageisused said...

I probably wont even get too 100. =]

Lexi <3

stargirlreads said...

Good luck!

Neveen said...

I say bring it on, I am in this challange but I hope the English books I own are even 100, I have 500 in Arabic but English nope.

At any Way count on The Books Room ...

anotherpageisused said...

Thanks Ash! =]

And I'm sorry Nev. =[

Lexi <3

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