The Life of Glass by Jillian Cantor

Pub Date: February 2010

Summary: The stars. That’s the one thing Melissa’s father always told her about.

He told her everything about them especially that the brightest stars weren’t always the most beautiful.

Deep down, Melissa knew that beauty wasn’t just what was on the outside.

But the people around her didn’t view things the same way.

Her older sister, Ashley. The beautiful one.

Her best friend, Ryan. He’s falling for the new girl at school, Courtney.

Then, Melissa’s mother is dating someone new, someone who will never be able to replace her father.

Melissa begins to piece together the parts of her father’s life that she never knew.

She goes through his journals about love and relationships.

When another tragedy happens, Melissa begins to realize that she needs to start living in the present.

Will she finally begin to understand that being beautiful on the outside doesn’t make you beautiful on the in?

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Review: The Life of Glass was a fast read, but that’s not always a bad thing. One of my favorite parts was the relationship between Melissa and Ryan. They were best friends so of course you knew they would end up together in the end! I could find myself relating to Melissa a little bit and I felt very bad for her because she lost her father. But it was nice that she still had something that she knew she could remember him by and it also happened to be something really unique. The contrast between Melissa and her older sister, Ashley, was something that kind of pulled me in. They weren’t all that different on the inside, but on the outside they were. That was all that matter the Melissa though, she never felt close to her sister because her sister was the pretty one and Melissa never felt pretty. But I think at the end of The Life of Glass, both sisters finally understood that what is on the inside is what should really matter.

-Lexi (:

FTC: I received this novel from its publishing company/author with the understanding that I would provide an honest review. I am not getting paid in any way for writing and posting this review.


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