Old vs. New

The book I choose for this week is Willow by Julia Hoban.

I recently review this book, and I loved it! If you want to read and comment my review just click here.

For this review, I'll be posting the US cover and the UK cover.

Old Cover:
Also the US cover.

I absolutely love this cover. I love how the face is tilted down and it looks like the cover has been cut. To me, it fits the book and Willow well.

New Cover:
Also the UK cover.

Now, I do like this cover just not as much as the other one. I also don't like the new title of the book. I think Scarred just gives a little too much away about the book. I also don't like how the girl on the cover seems to be crying and the background is so dirty but yet her dress is still very yellow.

This week, my favorite cover has to be the old cover/the US one.

But tell me which one was your favorite this week!

-Lexi (:


Bookalicious Ramblings said...

US/old aaaaaall the way, no competition. I really don't like the UK one, sorry to say.

Morgan said...

I really like the UK version, I think it fits with the book a little better.

Simply a Very Veen Berry said...

I like the US cover more.

P.S. Lexi, I am Neveen but had a new URL and Email to my blog. Will you add it to your Blog Roll because the old one is no longer exsits :) ...

I love your new blog style. Go on :)

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