After the Moment by Garret Freymann- Weyr

Summary: When Leigh meets Maia he doesn't know what to think about her.

Maia's pretty, but not pretty-pretty. She's brave. She's smart. She's also a train wreck.

Leigh is the the opposite.

He's popular. He's cute. He's very polite.

Maia eats her meals with the Hunter family as a part of her recovery program.

At first Leigh just wants to help her get healthy, but as their friendship progresses, he finds himself falling in love.

When Maia is raped one night when Leigh is away in New York, he blames himself.

His own world comes crashing down.

Leigh realizes that maybe it's harder to save the one person you care about so much.

Rating: 4 Stars

Review: I definitely enjoyed reading After the Moment. I thought that the relationship between Maia and Leigh was cute how it slowly started and progressed. Garret touched on so many problems that go one in people's every day life. Eating disorders, self-mutilation, sex, rape. There was everything in this book. I myself have dealt with many of these different issues, self-mutilation being the biggest, so I always enjoy reading about how others have gotten over such things. The biggest thing in this book was how Leigh wanted to do anything to protect Maia. I loved that. After the Moment is a really amazing book. It's definitely worth reading.



teenreadersgather said...

I liked it too :)

Hope. said...

I really want to read this, it looks realllyyyy good. =)


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