The Lost Summer by Kathryn Williams

Summary: Summer for seventeen-year-old Helena Waite means, Southpoint.

Every July, she returns to the familiar routines, faces, and landmarks.

This year, will be different though.

Helena is returning as a counselor, not a camper like all of the years before.

The worst part is that her best friend, Katie Bell, is a camper for one more year.

Helena begins to see the difference between being a counselor and a camper.

The nights are now filled with things so different from sleep.

Late-night Pranks. Skinny-Dipping. Hooking Up.

With this new summer life, Helena finds herself turning her back on the one person who was always there for her, Katie Bell.

Things get even more confusing for her when a summer crush turns into something more then she ever expected, a romantic possibility.

All of those carefree summers are slipping away.

Helena finds herself asking, why growing up means changing.

Rating: 5 Stars

Review: I loved The Lost Summer. I was pulled into the story, the characters, the plot from the beginning. I actually read this whole book in one sitting. I couldn't put it down no matter what. Helena was a unique character but yet she was like every other teenage girl with a crush that never went away. I was so surprised when it turned out that Ransome had feelings for Helena too. It was really cute and special how their relationship and feelings for each other began to develop more and deepen. The ending that Kathryn Williams wrote was so surprising. I never thought that The Lost Summer would end that way. I found myself crying as I read it. It was so heart-felt and touching. I really don't know any words to describe it right now. It was simply amazing. Every single part. I loved it. There is no way I will ever not read this book again. It's in my top 5 now. Amazing.



Anonymous said...

I love a good summer story. Gah, there are sooo many books I want to read and so little income to purchase them with. D: Great review though, you've made me more excited to read this. :D

BookChic said...

Wow, awesome review! I'm really excited to read this book- it's in my TBR pile!! :)

teenreadersgather said...

cant wait to read this

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