Alternative Covers 8

This weeks book is Forever by Judy Blume(:

Ashley helped me pick out this weeks book. Thanks Ash!

You can visit her blog here(: but back to the post.

Since there's like sooo many different covers, I'm just gonna kinda group them together.

But here's the newest paperback cover. It's the one I own and the one I used for the review:

This one is by far my favorite cover(:

I'm thinking this one is one of the older paperback covers. Like the second newest. Not sure. It's the cover uses. Haha

So these are the rest of the covers that I found. You can tell by looking at them that some are older then others. (:

There ya have it guys(:

I personally loved this book and I know Ashley did too!

Don't forget to comment and give me your thoughts!



Anonymous said...

I like the one with the pink background and heart locket best. It's what I'm most drawn to.

stargirlreads said...

I love this book :) My copy is the yellow one. Thanks for linking me lex

Alicia said...

I love this book! My first copy is the yellow one, but of course I bought the newest verion!

BTW - I am also giving this book away on my blog

Kd said...

Wow I still haven't read this book yet but it sounds pretty good from what people have been telling me. There are soooo many covers for this one book! That is crazy :D

Taste Life Twice said...

I like the first one and the last one with the lips.

Laina said...

I think I read the locket cover. I thought at first I'd read a yellow one, but I think I'm mixing it up with another of her books. Or there was another cover, lol.

Laina said...

(And see, I told you I'd comment eventually. I'm REALLY behind on blogger.)

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