Second Skin by Jessica Wollman

Pub Date: July 14, 2009

Summary: Popularity. A-List. Worshipped. The IT Girl.

Those are things every girl wants during her high school career.

What if you could have all those things?

Would you leave everything about your old life behind? Even your best friends?

Why not, right? I mean, you would be popular.

That's what happens to Samantha Klein one day.

The most popular girl in school becomes her next door neighbor.

Sam finds out why Kylie is so popular.

It's not because of her clothes, her hair, her spot on the cheerleading squad.

It's none of that.

Kylie has a second skin.

No one can tell she wears it, you can barely even tell you have it on.

When you wear it, you feel different.

You feel popular, special, invincible.

Sam has a plan to become the most popular girl in school.

Can she go through with the plan?

Can she lost everything she once held dearly to her?

Rating: 3 Stars

Review: Second Skin was so not what I expected. The main idea that Jessica Wollman came up with was definitely something that I had yet to read. Sometimes I don't like books that are really far off, but I did enjoy this one. It's not one of my favorite books, but it's enjoyable. It's the book to read if you want something new and different. I did, however, liked the lesson that both Sam and Kylie learned at the end of the book. I always love an ending with a message. Personally, I've never really wanted to be popular, it's just not my place. Second Skin sure didn't change my mind. I mean, yeah it does sound fun, but I couldn't lose all of my friends. So it was nice to read a book where the characters don't want to be popular anymore after they have actually experienced it. Instead of the fairy tale ending where the IT girl loves her life and couldn't imagine it going back to the old way. All in all, I really liked the angle of Second Skin.

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