Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

Summary: Alexis thought that her high school experience was dysfunctional.

Her parents marriage. Her doll obsessed sister, Kasey. Her antisocial attitude.

Alexis soon realizes that her dysfunctional life is becoming dangerous.

Kasey is acting stranger then ever.

Her blue eyes turn green. She uses old fashioned language. She loses chunks of time.

The old house that Alexis and her family lives in is also changing.

Doors close on there own. Water boils on an unlit stove. An unplugged air conditioner runs so long Alexis and Kasey can see their breath.

At first, these things seem harmless.

But then, they become life-threatening to everyone who steps foot inside the house.

Alexis knows she is the only one who can save her sister.

But, what if the green-eyed girl isn't even her sister anymore?

Rating: 4 Stars

Review: I really enjoyed this book. Although, at times I did get a little more freaked out then necessary because the main characters name was Alexis. Haha. But, Bad Girls Don't Die was really good. It also has some romance in it(: I think that most of the characters were really well defined. I could see myself connecting with them. I was instantly pulled in. Even though this book isn't that small, I ended up reading it in one night. I really couldn't put it down. It's been awhile since I've read a kind of scary, mystery book and now I know why I used to love them. To me, it's cool not being able to guess what happens next, with this book, I was guessing the whole time. It was a good read. I hope Katie Alender comes out with another book soon because I think I'm really going to like them.



Katie Alender said...

Hey, Lexi! I'm so glad you enjoyed Bad Girls Don't Die... I am actually writing more books, but the next one isn't due out until early 2011. But it will be about Alexis, too.

Thanks for the great review! I can still remember the books about Katies I read when I was younger...

Bianca said...

Great review!! I'm getting this book in the mail soon -due to a contest I won- and I'm wicked excited!


Anonymous said...

I really want this book. I saw the book trailer for it a little while back and it made me even more excited to read it.

teenreadersgather said...

This is in my review pile :)

Hope. said...

Oh gosh, I LOVED this one too! My name's not Alexis, and you should've seen how freaked out I got. It was amusing. When the scary parts were over. xDD


wdebo said...

Sounds really good, I really want to read it!

Wdebo :)

Laina said...

I've only read one book with a character with my name and half the time they mixed up the spelling, and it was a more minor character, so I think that would be odd!

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