Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Summary: Auden missed out on a lot while growing up.

Riding a bike being one of the many things.

Auden was forced to grow up very quickly which continued through her parents' divorce.

She was always cast as the little adult while her brother, Hollis, never stopped being a kid.

Auden's main focus was always her academics, she was always trying to please her mother.

The summer before college, Auden moves to the small town of Colby to spend time with her father, his new wife, and their baby.

She starts working at a little shop along the boardwalk.

While there, Auden starts to learn all of the things about girls that she missed out on.

Their Friendships. Conversations. Laughter. Romances.

One night, Auden meets Eli. The town loner, who happens to very intriguing to Auden.

Eli happens to be a fellow insomniac who introduces Auden to the world of Colby after dark.

Eli takes Auden a quest.

For Auden, it's about experiencing the carefree teenage life she missed.

For Eli, it's about putting his past behind him.

But, there's one question.

Will this quest tear them about or.. bring them even closer together?

Rating: 5 STARS

Review: I LOVE SARAH DESSEN! Every one of her books is absolutely amazing! Along for the Ride proved even more that Sarah is one writing who is sticking around for a while. Auden and Eli had chemistry from the very beginning, but you weren't really sure where they would go with it. I loved how Auden learned how much she missed out on but gained it all. She became a kid again, yet growing up in the process. Auden's relationship with her dad was unique as it was with her mom. You could kind of tell that Auden sort of blamed herself for their divorce. I liked how Auden and Hollis had a good relationship for brother and sister. They were different, but yet really alike. You could tell that they did love each other. I really don't know what I can say about Sarah Dessen. She is simply an amazing author. I loved Along for the Ride. It's now my second favorite book by Sarah Dessen. I can't wait until I can read this again!



Anonymous said...

I love Sarah Dessen too! She is totally amazing. And I agree with this entire review haha.

runa said...

I just finished this book today :) I agree with most of the things you said, but there are some things I think she could have done a little better. I'll have my review up someday soon, I hope!

teenreadersgather said...

cant wait to get this from you

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