Girlfriend Material by Meilssa Kantor

Summary: Kate wishes she was Lady Brett Ashley.

She wishes she would spend her summers on the beach breaking hearts.

But, in real life, Kate hasn't even had a boyfriend.

Her summer will be playing along with her mom's plan to make her dad jealous.

Running to the Cape.

The Cooper-Melnick's, whom they happen to be staying with, have a beautiful daughter, Sarah.

Sarah seems to be a lot like Lady Brett Ashley to Kate.

Kate can tell that Sarah is not to thrilled to have Kate there.

The perfect summer dreams are officially ruined.

Then Adam comes along, Sarah's cute friend.

He draws her into the group, he seems interested in Kate.

Heart-breaker potential.

That's what Kate feels now that Adam around.

Can Kate keep pretending that what her and Adam have is just a care-free fling when every day it's becoming something more?

Will can Kate in and tell Adam how she really feels?

Is Kate even girlfriend material?

Rating: 3 1/2 STARS

Review: Girlfriend Material was definitely a very enjoyable book. It's a total summer, beach read. It was light and fun but, it still pulled you in. Some of the characters are very complex like Kate, Sarah, and Adam. While others are just there to fill in some of the empty spaces. I do like the way that Melissa Kantor writes though. She makes things fun and exciting. I also really liked how Kate compared herself to Lady Brett Ashley, I thought that it was different. I think that how she compared situations and things in her life to parts in The Sun Also Rises, added something to Kate's relationship with Adam. Girlfriend Material is a great summer read. I really enjoyed reading it, but I think my favorite part had to be the characters. I loved all of them. Oh, and the ending for Girlfriend Material is something that you really won't expect. But, you'll love it.

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