Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr

Summary: It all started when Deanna Lambert was thirteen.

Her dad caught her in the back of a car with Tommy Webber.

Tommy happened to be seventeen and the supposed best friend of Deanna's older brother, Darren.

In one moment, Deanna's teenage life was forever changed.

Deanna now has to deal and try to overcome the infamous label as the "school slut".

But all that Deanna really wants to do, is get away from her past.

To start fresh, but in a small town, that's hard for anyone to do.

Rating: 4 Stars

Review: Story of a Girl was a very good book. It was powerful and it definitely made me think. Sara Zarr wrote this book very well, showing how one event can change your life so drastically. For people who have never been in a situation like this, who I would say are very lucky, can read this book to realize what exactly it's like. Now sadly, I have some personally experience to go along with this book, and I think that Sara did a very good job of captivating all of the thoughts and feelings that go along with an event like this. It's always hard when you dad catches you doing something you not supposed to be doing, but when he catches you doing something like this, its even worse, I know this first hand. But yet, in Story of a Girl, you saw that even though something like this starts off horrible with father and daughter not talking, it really doesn't always stay like that. I think that was a very important point that was made. I also have a quote from this book. I read this line and was like, wow that's so true. Sometimes it's hard to put things into words but this quote is really amazing. "When the remembering was done, the forgetting could begin."



Anonymous said...

I love this book. Have you read Sweethearts by Sara Zarr? It's really good as well. :D

teenreadersgather said...

read this :)

Heather Zundel said...

I really liked this book as well. It didn't seem like a lot happened, but so much was below the surface. Excellent review.

katie said...

I really want to read this. It sounds so good. Great review!

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