The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher

Summary: What's the difference between a crush and love?
Between love and best-friendship?

Alice is very happy in her place at school in the background.

Working on projects in the art room. Or hanging out with Jewel, her best friend she's known forever.

Alice feels like she can talk to Jewel about anything.

But she knows there's one things she can never tell him, she has a major crush on a guy.

Or, that she doesn't really want to be invisible anymore.

She's ready to be seen and heard by everyone.

Alice wants to take chances with everything.

Art. Friends. Love.

Is Alice ready for all of these changes?

More importantly, is she ready to lose some very important things in the process?

Rating: 2 STARS

Review: This book really disappointed me. Maybe I had too high expectations, maybe I just thought it was going to be amazing. It wasn't. To put it harshly, The Opposite of Invisible was a bad book. This is definitely not something I would recommend do one of my friends, even though I love recommending them books. I actually don't think this book was worth the read, which you really won't hear me say to often. I think that the story was told too fast, I'm not saying that every book has to be super long to be good, but some can't just be a minimum 150+ page book to get everything in. I think this is where the book went wrong. And also, I didn't like the cover too much. I don't think that it really shows what the book is about at ALL except maybe what happens between Alice and Jewel, but that's a small part of the book. I don't know, this book just really didn't impress me. It might just be me though.

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