The Wish House by Celia Rees

Review: Every summer, as far back as he can remember, Richard's family has brought their camper to the Welsh countryside.

It's there that his friend Dylan and him roam the woods as unsupervised as a kid can get.

No parents, no adults.

This summer though, Richard is left alone, abandoned by Dylan.

It is now, that Richard goes back to "The Wish House".

A place that Dylan and him discovered some years ago.

But now, he finds it to be occupied instead of abandoned.

The Dalton family as come back for their home and are leading their very unconventional lives.

Richard becomes fascinated by Lucia and her husband Jethro.

He also soon falls head over heels for their daughter, Clio.

It is the year 1976, free love is what the Dalton family and their friends are all about.

Richard is about to experience some firsts.

First love, first sex, first death.

Rating: 4 STARS

Review: I can honestly say that, I LOVED this book. I've read Witch Child by Celia Rees before and I thought this book would be more like that one. But I was way wrong. This book was amazing. Richard experiences so many different things with the Dalton family, with Clio. He learns how easily a heart can break, but also how easy it is to completely love someone. Richard starts the book being sort of naive and just very curious. But then, this family BECOMES his family. He becomes a friend to everyone. Richard really never thought this would happen to him, and if he would never had went back to the "wish house" it wouldn't have. Richard knows this, and at times he regrets is. But how can you regret something like that, especially after you see how much you can end up with, good or bad. The ending of The Wish House is different then anything I would have EVER imagined. It's definitely something you need to read, to experience, for yourself. It's not something that can easily be explained.



Anonymous said...

I regret not buying this now. It was on sale for like, 4 dollars at my local bookstore. Hopefully it'll be there next time.

Thanks for the review! :)

Emily said...

The summary sounds so mysterious and it really draws me in!

stargirlreads said...

This sounds cool lex :)

Laina said...

Oh, cool, I've never heard of this one before. Looks good!! :)

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