Waves by Sharon Dogar

There are few things that are harder in life then moving on from tragedy.

The time spent wondering how life can ever be normal again. Dwelling on how it once was.

Healing, part of the final goal.

No time is ever wasted trying to get there.

The Dittons family is trying to come to terms with a terrible accident that happened last summer.

After what was thought to be a surfing accident, sixteen-year-old Charley, the oldest sibling, is left in a coma.

All Hal, Charley's fourteen-year-old brother, is to have his sister back.

Both Hal and Charley travel between the past and present, their present day minds sometimes touching, communicating..

Hal believes that Charley was not alone during her accident.

Someone was there. Someone who could have helped her.

But didn't.

Charley and Hal both search their memories for an answer to what happened that night.


This was a very wonderful book. The bond that Hal and Charley had was just amazing. You could tell how much Hal really cared for his sister, all he wanted was to help her. Charley though just wanted to be free, she wanted Hal to know that what happened that night was no ones fault really. There was so many different components in this book. So many characters that all seemed to be intertwined in some way. Good and bad. Some made things easier, some harder. While reading this book, there was no way to predict what was going to happen. There was no way you could. Everything turned out different then what you thought. Even the ending. I'm usually good at predicting the ending and what going to happen next, but when it came to Waves, I sucked at it. But Sharon Dogar wrote such a good and inviting story. One that is hard to put down, you always have to keep reading, you always want to know what's going to happen next.



KD said...

Oh this one sounds different! I like it already. And I love the name charlie for a girl.

stargirlreads said...

never heard of it

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