What's on your desk Wednesday?

I was tagged by Liyana at LiyannaLand. Thanks Liyana for tagging me! (:

Picture one:

So, this is just where I keep my laptop. I don't have internet connection in my room yet. But in this picture there is also my copy of How to be Bad which I recently reviewed for my blog(:

Picture two:

In this second picture, I have my TBR pile which is on my night stant. My TBR pile consits of Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix (I actually borrowed this from my best friend), The Virtual Life of Lexie Diamond by Victoria Foyt, Impossible by Nancy Werlin, Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors, The Opposite if Invisible by Liz Gallagher, and Jinx by Meg Cabot. Also, we have my camp manual, so fingernail polish, and some stuffed animals. haha

Picture three, the last one! :

This is just my bookshelf as of right now. But, I also have one TBR book on there, Fragile Eternity. On the left, we also have a pile of many of my cds(: Really nothing special here!

5 Bookish things:
1. How to be Bad
2. Jinx
3. Impossible
4. Fragile Eternity
5. The Opposite of Invisible

5 NON book things:
1. can of pop(:
2. camp manual
3. nail polish!
4. pictures(:
5. cds

Tage 5 people:
1. Laina
2. Ashley
3. Emily
4. Neveen
5. Michelle

For all rules, please visit here(: alternative-read.com

Have fun everyone! :D



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