Alternative Covers 10

The book I choose for this weeks post is Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

So here's the paperback cover:

I think this one fits the title and the story so well.

Here's the UK cover:

I'm not really fond of any of the UK covers for Sarah's books, including this one.

My favorite cover is Just Listen. I think it's amazing and plus, Just Listen is my favorite book by Sarah Dessen.

But I wanna know what cover you like, so please comment and tell me!

Also, what's your favorite book by Sarah Dessen?



Amber[ella] said...

I definitely agree with you, I love the US versions of all of Sarah's books so much more. The UK versions are too cartoony and bland and don't seem to relate with the book.

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

I hate all of the UK covers for Sarah Dessen's books. I usually don't use the word hate, since it's such a strong word. But really, I hate them.


ReggieWrites said...

I LOVE the USA covers. I HATE the UK covers. They don't do Dessen's books justice...

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