Lost It by Kristen Tracy

Pub Date: January 2007

Summary: Tess Whistle’s junior year is starting off to be very bizarre.

Her best friend is plotting to blow up a poodle.

Her parents moved to a survival camp in the middle of the desert.

Her grandmother got her new bras and underwear that happen to be . . . sexy.

Oh, and her shoes explode.

Most people would not have a good reaction to this.

Some might say that their life was spiraling out of control if this happened to them.

With a new boyfriend and her good sense of humor, Tess is dealing quite well.

Or so she thinks.

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Review: I was so excited to be able to finally read Lost It. Everything anyone has ever said about it has been almost 100% positive and I really have to agree. Tess was a character that pretty much anyone could relate to. Unique yet so down to earth. She didn’t always know how to deal with things, so she just ignored it. Kind of like most teenagers do nowadays! Lost It was really close to getting 5 stars, but something just stopped me for giving it that rating. It was a really great book, and I really think that a lot of girls will enjoy it. I mean, it’s about your first time, something girls never get sick of reading about! But I just kind of wish the ending would have been different. I’m a sucker for happy endings, but I do get why Lost It didn’t have such a perfect, happy ending. Others might argue with my rating but I’m sticking to it! This book will always be on my shelf, ready for another read.

-Lexi (:
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